Unemployable Music Remix Contest Finalists

Shout out to the ten producers/finalists in the Dream Circle “So Many Things” Remix Contest. It’s been very difficult to narrow it down to ten tracks but we still have some time to make the final decision on which tracks will make it on the The “So Many Things Remixes” EP releasing this August. The

A Musician’s Trials of Separation

This winter I worked along with INeedVid on a web-based promo for a gym in New York City called As 1 Fitness.  As 1 Fitness is built around a program that coordinates group workout with timed exercises. The program makes you work as a team in order to boost your endurance and strength in order to get

Why is it Important to See Live Shows?

Live shows, they are the bee’s knees. (I think there is a dance move called “the Bee’s Knees”). But why is it important to go? As a musician, probably the most crucial thing you can do for your career is to attend live performances. You can learn a lot from connecting with other musicians, as

What I learned from YouTube Tutorials: From Method to Ethics

Lately I have been refreshing my chops on  all the sound programs I have on YouTube.  It is a great source to look up opinions on programs from other users, learn new tips on the programs one uses, and connect with other users about products such as Logic, Pro Tools, and Abelton. One thing I

Fear is the Worst Feeling

Okay I know this is a harsh Meme to post, but I have a point to this! Why is it that we fear making the next step?  Why do we fear not getting instant gratification?  Whether it be collaborating with new artists, networking with new people, or even working for a new company? Yes, change

NoisePorn premieres Dream Circle – Dark Star Music Video

Via NoisePorn – “Ready to wind down for the week? Take a dive into the genre-bending sounds of Dream Circle. The song infuses sounds of reggae with ambient electronic, creating a truly eclectic musical blend. Bliss and Walker’s soulful, unobstructed vocals add a sense of calm, giving the entire song incredibly chilled out vibes. Fans

Females: It’s Your Day

As a female musician, composer, producer, what have you, I wear many hats in order to get my music out there.  I feel like this is something many women do, no matter the art form. In this case, collaboration is key for females to get their work out, work together on avenues that they are not

Breaking Music

Music cues and music placement can either make it or break it for a television series. The music plays a character along with the actors’ expressions, actions, and dialogues/monologues. One show that I can confidently say created “music” into a character, was Breaking Bad. I think we can all say that a majority of us