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URB Premieres New Dream Circle Remix Video “Dark Star (Pherrix Remix)” featured our latest music video today! Watch the video here> From their latest release LOST ART (The Pherixx Remixes) via Unemployable Music, Dream Circle has released a remix video for “Dark Star (Pherixx Remix).” In their reinterpretation, a girl is wandering in a forest, enjoying psychedelic connection with the surrounding redwood trees. – Jason

NoisePorn premieres Dream Circle – Dark Star Music Video

Via NoisePorn – “Ready to wind down for the week? Take a dive into the genre-bending sounds of Dream Circle. The song infuses sounds of reggae with ambient electronic, creating a truly eclectic musical blend. Bliss and Walker’s soulful, unobstructed vocals add a sense of calm, giving the entire song incredibly chilled out vibes. Fans

What Beyoncé’s album means for climate change

Beyoncé’s surprise release is not only generating lots of buzz, but also lots of controversy. Amazon and Target have refused to sell the new album, perhaps as retaliation for giving iTunes exclusive download rights for its first week of sales. Nonetheless, the album was iTune’s fastest-selling record ever, with 828,773 records sold over the weekend,

New Music Video: Dream Circle – Hurricane

In October of 2012 Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast causing more than $50 billion in damage. To commemorate Sandy and to raise awareness about the importance of conservation and living sustainably, Dream Circle, also wrote and produced the song and video to highlight the connection between Hurricane Sandy and how nature “fights back” so to

Dream Circle – School of Life Music Video

Check out the Dream Circle official music video for “School of Life” featuring Johnny Voltik. Dream Circle’s next live show is April 4th, in the Lower East Side. More info here. Download the song free here. Shot at the Temple of Bass party at Growing Heart Farm in upstate New York. Special thanks to Mike Genato aka RVRS:PLAY,

Dream Circle – So Many Things (Video Art)

Dream Circle creates spiritualized, world influenced hip hop & electronic music. This video art piece is a collage of sacred symbols and ancient art. So Many Things is on their forthcoming album, “Lost Art”.

Time is Art Documentary Teaser

A new docudrama about a New York City based writer and her virtual alter-ego, as she explores the nature of the mysterious experiences that are leading her along a path of synchronicity, going against all she had come to believe. This short teaser video is an introduction into synchronicity. Music by Dream Circle.   For

Dream Circle – The Medicine Man

I first discovered Graham Hancock in the 2012 documentary by Disinformation. He is one of the foremost experts and journalists covering ancient civilizations, stone monuments or megaliths, altered states of consciousness, ancient myths and astronomical/astrological data from the past. Artwork featured in the video by Juan Pablo Aparicio Oliver. “Our society values alert problem solving consciousness and it