Soul Technology Remixes

Dream Circle collaborated with mcs and producers from around the world for their latest release, Soul Technology Remixes The duo introduces rapper and self proclaimed Chrononaut, Omboy Rॐ, a Brooklyn born artist harnessing his creativity for a higher purpose. Dedicated to inspire, Rॐ creates music and other forms of art on his mission to transcend societal constructs and artificial time.

Also featured on the EP is Natrix. Yazz Garcia, a.k.a Natrix is a Colombian peace activist, Hip Hop dancer, and latina Emcee, settled in the United States in 2010. Born in San Andres Islas in 1978, she grew up in the city of Medellin in complex times of violence. In her teens she was devoted to teaching dance, and worked on creating conscious music and organizing events for young people as a form of resistance to tension that violence generated. She participated in two musical productions as lyrical composer and singer, “Colombianos de Barrio” in 1999 and “Frecuencia” in 2003 with the Hip Hop band Alianzagalactik, a group dedicated to social work, with critical content lyrics.

Manwel T hooks up the 420 style dub and reggae remixes on the EP. He is a reggae/dub producer and remixer based in Malta. Most of his numerous dub remixes have been released on his own Dubkey label. In the summer of 2014 he started composing and producing his own tunes: heavy roots reggae and ska instrumentals plus dubs, with prominent horns.

Bad Space Monkey, an electronic music producer from Estonia, has done several epic Dream Circle remixes including ‘On Your Way’ featured on international blogs. His remix for ‘Traviesa’ is a dubby house mid tempo tune perfect for summertime lounging.

Soul Technology Remixes hits Spotify and online stores 6/28/17.