‘School of Life’ Remix Dedicated to Eric Garner & Protestors

Not a single day goes by that I don’t ask myself this question; when will human beings get tired of this silly game we play? “People are people” as the classic Depeche Mode song goes, no matter what race, sex, whatever the f*ck you are. Yet still, “we get along so awfully“.

Welcome to the School of Life La La Life….

After what seemed like months and months of total meltdown and utter madness in Ferguson, a NYPD officer chokes a father of 6 children to death and its all on film. The only person that gets arrested is the guy who films the “accidental” murder. Eric Garner, who like most people of color I know that live in NYC, have been harassed their entire lives by cops – legally, thanks to “Stop & Frisk”. Nowhere on earth is there a law that allows someone to be stopped randomly for no reason. But thanks to 9/11 we can harass people, we can stuff things up peoples anuses, and blast Skinny Puppy for 6-12 hrs a day to get according to my favorite hater, Dick Cheney, “valuable intel”. History buffs might want to take note from Napoleon who in 1798 said torture is useless. The same idea applies to how the NYPD cops got the Central Park 5 kids to confess to a gang rape they never committed.  People under stress will say anything to get you to go away. Oh, America the not so beautiful.

This is a free will planet and we will always have the choice to love or hate, to continue sleepwalking or to wake up, to stand up to opression and redeem ourselves. This also leads me to another question I often ask myself. Who are these crazy militant assholes who pepper spray us and intimidate us for no reason other than to feed their egos? Aren’t they tired?  Doesn’t the black guy in the picture above look miserable? Homie, its OK, you can switch sides.

I also want to give a shout out to NYC and all those around the world who organize, march, protest and dedicate valuable time and energy to protect our civil rights. Civil disobedience is NOT ineffective, don’t let them fool you.

One of the most powerful forms of civil disobedience is art. The original version of “School of Life” written several years back was inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement. In this version remixed by Pherixx which should make the hip-hop heads happy, we feature up and coming rapper, Losifer the Light Bearer.

Watch the lo-fi music video of Dream Circle & fam having a bit of fun with GoPros at our bandspace in Gowanus, Brooklyn.

Download the song for free for a limited time via Soundcloud:

dream circle, lost art pherixx remixes While you are at it, check out the latest release on Unemployable Music. Budding producer and composer, Pherixx puts his spin on his favorite tracks from Dream Circle’s debut, Lost Art. In remix fashion, each track provides an interesting take on the original version. From the dance-floor friendly retro house remix of ”The Hurricane” to a futuristic hip-hop remix of the dub-reggae infused ”Original”, to ”School of Life” which features rapper, Los the Light Bearer, and the lush downtempo re-imaginings of ”Space Born” and ”Dark Star”, Pherixx undoubtedly breathes new life into the songs.

Track Listing:
1) School of Life featuring Los the Light Bearer (Pherixx Remix)
2) Space Born (Pherixx Remix)
3) Dark Star (Pherixx Remix)
4) Original (Pherixx Remix)
5) So Many Things (Pherixx House Remix)
6) The Hurricane (Pherixx Remix)

“Where globalization means, as it so often does, that the rich and powerful now have new means to further enrich and empower themselves at the cost of the poorer and weaker, we have a responsibility to protest in the name of universal freedom.” – Nelson Mandela