Audio CDs maybe be dead but MP3 CDs are kind of cool

Personally I dig MP3 CDs because you can put a lot of music on one CD, seems less wasteful. So we’ve now got high quality MP3 CDs available of the Dream Circle Lost Art LP + So Many Things (The Remixes), that’s 21 amazing tracks! Get your copy via bandcamp>

This very special MP3 CD includes a remix from the forthcoming Lost Art (The Pherixx Remixes) coming soon!

So Many Things (The Remixes) Track Listing:
1. So Many Things (BLUEdream Remix)
2. So Many Things (A-Frillz 4:20 Remix)
3. So Many Things (Doctrations House Remix)
4. So Many Things (Pherixx Remix)
5. So Many Things (Bad Space Monkey Remix)
6. So Many Things (Yves Atom Kline Remix)
7. So Many Things (OP! Remix)
8. So Many Things (Decieving Sounds D&B Remix)

Lost Art LP Track Listing:
1. So Many Things 04:15
2. Original 04:06
3. Dreams 03:19
4. You Remind Me Feat. Stephanie Morillo 04:12
5. The Hurricane 04:40
6. Dark Star 03:20
7. Patience 04:29
8. Space Born 05:21
9. School of Life Feat. Johnny Voltik 03:56
10. The Medicine Man 05:09
11. Sea of Tranquility Feat. Oa 04:34
12. Él Duerme 04:21
13. Original (Pherixx Remix)