Dream Circle – So Many Things (The Remixes)

For those who couldn’t get enough of Dream Circle’s debut, Lost Art, their remix EP will hit just the spot. In remix fashion, each track takes an interesting spin on the original version. From dance-floor friendly remixes to slowed down atmospheric mixes and all in between, So Many Things (The Remixes) presents many styles of electronic music.

Dream Circle’s So Many Things is an uplifting and empowering song that is sure to inspire. Each remix has its own particular vibe, from the mellow and melodic BLUEdream and A-Frillz 4:20 style remixes to the deep sounds of Doctrations, dance-floor friendly house remixes by OP!, Bad Space Monkey & Yves Atom Kline to the drum & bass remix by Deceiving Sounds out of the U.K. Included on this EP Pherixx’s softer version and with its strong piano lead, it rounds out the EP nicely.

So Many Things (The Remixes) is an enjoyable EP that is a fun and light listen. Whether you’re a fan of Dream Circle or electronic music in general from the U.K, Estonia, Canada and even the U.S., So Many Things (The Remixes) is an EP that’s good to both chill or dance to.

In stores July 31st, the EP features winners from the Unemployable Music remix contest from producers from all over the world. Featuring remixes by OP! (I Love Vinyl/Dubspot) & Doctrations from Rotterdam, Netherlands. Available now on Bandcamp>

The track listing is as follows:
1. So Many Things (BLUEdream Remix)
2. So Many Things (A-Frillz 4:20 Remix)
3. So Many Things (Doctrations House Remix)
4. So Many Things (Pherixx Remix)
5. So Many Things (Bad Space Monkey Remix)
6. So Many Things (Yves Atom Kline Remix)
7. So Many Things (OP! Remix)
8. So Many Things (Decieving Sounds D&B Remix)