Unemployable Music Remix Contest Finalists

Shout out to the ten producers/finalists in the Dream Circle “So Many Things” Remix Contest. It’s been very difficult to narrow it down to ten tracks but we still have some time to make the final decision on which tracks will make it on the The “So Many Things Remixes” EP releasing this August. The release also features remixes by DJ OP! and Doctrations from Holland. There is also a music video in the works!

Some of the finalists include:
Afrillz, Calgary Canada
Deceiving Sounds, Dorset, Britain
Steve Maccabe, Loughborough, Britain
Bad Space Monkey, Kuressaare, Estonia
George Hagegeorge Baltimore, USA
Crazy Boys, GranĂ¡, Western Sahara
Pherixx, Missouri, USA
kolosforo Naples, Italy