Unemployable Music Remix Contest

Dream Circle and Unemployable Music  w
ant YOU to remix  “So Many Things

We are extremely appreciative for our fans which is why we want YOU to remix our song.  The contest is also featured on Remixcomps.com!

We will listen to all of your remixes and select a WINNER.

The Winner will receive:
– A featured remix on the upcoming EP out this summer along side additional remixes by OP! (I Love Vinyl/Dubspot)  + others
– A  music video of your remix produced by Things Are Changing Media
– A Dream Circle remix of one of your songs

This is a no-compensation contest and the winning remix will be published by Unemployable Music & writing splits will be shared with you on a 1/3rd basis.

The Deadline to submit all remixes is the end of March 2014.
Please post your remix on Soundcloud, box or dropbox and set to public. Add link to the form below.

DOWNLOAD STEMS zip file here>

A message from Dream Circle
We are excited about this remix contest and can’t wait to hear what each of you come up with.   This song is all about looking inside of yourself and tapping into your true purpose. This is how we become who we really want to be. We are incredibly powerful beings, capable of more than we could ever imagine. The lyrics “You’ve got your whole life in front of you, don’t waste your time, its all in the design” came seemingly out of nowhere the first time I  (Katy) heard Joel’s original beat. When we feel down about things, I listen to this song, it reminds us that making good music is easier than we think. It often comes in the first 10 seconds of inspiration. Go with your intuition, your very first idea and run with it!

Note:  Mashups are also accepted but will not be released, just posted around on our SoundCloud and social media networks.

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