Dream Circle album release party June 28th + Q&A

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7 PM: Sara Nelms
8 PM: Stephanie Morillo
9 PM: Beca
10 PM: Dream Circle

Q&A with Dream Circle about their new album

How did this album come about?
We were in another band and had started to write some songs together. School of Life was our first experiment and it turned out really good so we just kept writing more songs. We had songs already developed, and we took them and wrote more melodies and chords and lyrics on top. The writing process mostly started with a rhythm which we then expand on together. Ben Zwerin is a multi-instrumentalist and we actually sent him stems for the songs he worked on. Everything he added especially the live bass lines made the songs more interesting. We are hoping to work with him again on the next album. Background vocalist Jess Jackson focused on harmonies and counter melodies which added a real bluesy vibe to the songs.

What are your favorite songs?
Space Born, Patience, Medicine Man and the last song on the album, Hurricane came out in an unexpected way. It was the last one we wrote. The lyrics were inspired by being in Red Hook during the hurricane. It was frightening and dangerous to stay in an evacuation zone, but since we were on the second floor, we took the chance. The experience was powerful to be there right in the middle of it. The lyric “the undeniable change” – is the change that is being forced upon the earth because our resources are running out. We have to change the way we live, we have to conserve resources, we have no choice, there will be nothing left for our children. The layered guitars and melodic elements that Ben added and Joel’s drums are also very tribal, it matches the lyrics “synchronize with nature” perfectly.

Why do you make music?
Great art stands for something bigger than you or me. We like to write music about consciousness and awareness because we also want it to be a way of life for everyone, not just us. Why do we allow ourselves to be enslaved by consumerism? Why do we have to depend on antiquated systems that are falling apart? Not enough people are facing up to these problems, so as artists we have to sugar coat things a bit to get people to realize that there is nothing wrong with looking at the dark side of things, owning up to our problems. We are the type of people that after watching a mind blowing documentary (like Fresh, look for it on Netflix) we get really passionate about telling people about it. However, many people for instance don’t know how feedlot raised beef is destructive to the animals, the land, the people working there but also your health, many people tell us straight up – they don’t want to know about it and go on eating their hamburger. With music, you can make it hypnotic, or groovy or whatever, and then you sneak in the meaningful lyrics here and there, hoping one day after the person hears it over and over again, it will sink in.

What are some of the other themes in your music?
Inspiration, pain, spirituality and of course love. “Dark Star” is a unique song, its more or less about embracing the darkness, we constantly do self destructive things. Through facing our fears we can become what we want to be, you can’t get anywhere by running away from it. We have light inside us even at our darkest hour. Only you can truly know yourself, not your boyfriend or sister the pie in the sky God you are told to fear and worship, waiting for him to come save us. It’s up to you when its all said and done.

What other music inspires you?
Radiohead’s sonic euphoria, Nina Simone’s revolutionary spirit, the role her music played in the civil rights movement and of course her music, singing, piano playing in general. Massive Attack, reggae & dub music, old school conscious hip-hop, Sade, The Police, The Kills, Feist, Fleetwood Mac, Fela Kuti, Gil Scott Heron.

What’s next?
The Love Vortex Vol 1. Mixtape, we dig how the VYIE/Dream Circle remix for our friends down south that turned out and that’s also on the mixtape. We really had fun doing a Sade cover of “No Ordinary Love” for Stephanie Morillo. We are playing shows once a month and seems like we sound better live than on the record (if the sound system is right). We have some more music video concepts for the song Space Born so hopefully we’ll find time to make another one.  We have also been writing & producing our first feature film, called Time is Art.