SXSW 2013 Party Picks

SXSW 2013 is here again. Most folks from New York are just happy to get a break from the cold weather. With 250,000 people running around (mostly drunk), it can be totally overwhelming. Nevertheless, it’s the place to be in March.

Follow @SXSWPartyList for nonstop updates. For those with enough energy to hit all these events after long days full of panels and workshops, here are some highlights:


Flavorpill is partnering up with Windows (of all brands) and a ton of folks to do cool yoga and active events during the conference. Reggie Watts is a very prolific dude, check out his performance (not sure why its in the middle of the day)  on Monday, March 11 1:30pm – 3:30pm)  RSVP HERE

Comedian. Musician. One-man experimental theater troupe. And the man with the best afro around. Yes, it’s Reggie Watts, our favorite 21st century polymath — there are few artists more multi-talented and consistently intriguing than Watts, which is why we’re super excited to have him perform at the Flavorpill Sanctuary — along with a DJ set from the always wonderful Neon Indian. Get laughs, snacks, cocktails, fresh juice and tunes, all powered by Windows 8 and General Assembly.

#FEED powered by Twitter hosted by The Meta Agency at AMOA Arthouse at the Jones Center is going hard this year with some major events. I’m always amazed that an experimental artist like Flying Lotus gets so much love. I assume he just blows minds as DJ. RSVP HERE.

The always inspiring Flying Lotus takes the decks at the spectacular @NIGHT event, powered by #FEED. But this is no simple DJ gig (although, even a simple DJ gig from Flying Lotus, on their Funktion One soundsystem, would be pretty rad). Tonight, the artist presents a fully immersive AV show to go along with the music. And if that’s not enticement enough, you also get sets from TOKiMONSTA, Teebs, and B.Lewis.

Very nice souful/housey free mixtape download promoting an undoubtedly upscale NYLON party at the W Hotel, which is not exactly my scene, unless this particular event somehow avoids being pretentious (damn near impossible at the W Hotel). However, if this artist is playing funky soulful house music all night, I’m there! RSVP HERE.

What’s over-the-top marketing without Red Bull? This drink is really bad for you, gets people way too wasted and it’s pretty much like snorting coke. Yet they always come through with ridiculous online marketing campaigns and new underground music showcases. 120 hours drinking Red Bull would definitely kill you! RSVP HERE.

What would the world do without VICE? I sure as hell wouldn’t know about the Columbian Devil’s Breath, ie. the most dangerous drug on the planet that turns people into zombies. Of course, VICE has to be making commotion on the east side at SXSW. They just updated their site with two gigantic flyers with a crap load of sponsorship logos and artists on them (like Snoop Lion who finally dropped the bitches and hoes shit in favor of “One Love”). I really feel sorry for their Photoshop person.  I’m sure the line will be 4000 miles long anyway but you still have to try. RSVP info here.

For Reverb’s third party at SXSW we’ve decided to continue the trend of making our bash bigger and better every year with established national acts and the upcoming bands everyone is talking about. In association with our friends at the UMS, we’ve got national music, including the Hush Sound, High Highs, UME, Man Without Country and Slow Magic. We’ve also booked a few upcoming Denver acts like Achille Lauro, the Knew, School Knights and In the Whale to play at the 2013 SXSW Reverb Party in Austin, Tex., on March 16 at the Dirty Dog Bar.