Happy Earth Day NYC 2012

This month is your chance to give a little bit back to our home, Planet Earth. She’s been under some major stress lately in case you haven’t noticed. Let’s do our part and make a few small lifestyle changes, however small you think they are, they will make a difference. For me personally, riding my bike is one of them. Fortunately New York has good bike lanes. Unfortunately, the city is seriously behind the curve on recycling, especially plastics (which are technically not recyclable anyway).

“Only 10 percent of what we think we are recycling is actually getting recycled” says Kyra Sedgwick, one of the few celebrities using her power to reach folks on a positive level. You can’t break plastic bottles down again and remake them into plastic bottles like you can with glass. When you “recycle” ┬áplastic, you are essentially preventing it from piling up in the ocean, being eaten by fish, (which we in turn eat then get cancer from). So please don’t stop recycling but just understand it makes a hell of a lot more sense to just buy a reusable bottle. Also, most people don’t realize that plastic leaches chemicals so do not drink water from a plastic bottle that’s been sitting around in the sun! Pollution is out of control, causes cancer and needs to be addressed now, today, as in, THIS VERY MOMENT IN TIME. Do something, anything!

Timeout New York has got some great Earth Day event listings. Party with hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons and Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman at the Green Festival. Conscious Living TV will put on an eco-friendly fashion show, while on the Good Food Stage, nutrition experts provide tips for healthy eating. NYC Green Festivals official after party at GREENHOUSE. Featuring socially conscious hip-hop band Brown Rice Family (I went to one of their notorious Brooklyn house parties, it was amazing), MC Sa-Roc, Squala Orphan and DJ Butta L., as well as special GreenHouse DJ. 50% of the proceeds benefit Green Festivals.

One of my most proud Brooklyn moments (photo above) was at the new Dekalb Market, a modular shipping container mall and farm (finally the alternative to the spirit crushing American strip mall phenomenon). You can see more of my “green” inspirations on pinterest.