Photos from #wearealiens party @ Cameo Gallery

Photos featuring My M.O., Johnny Voltik, Little, Big & Cosmolingo live with video art by Fuzzy Bastard. Props to DJ Cam of Geek Chick DJs for dropping gems in between sets. BROOKLYN in full effect!

RVRS:PLAY plus Johnny Voltik team up

Mike Genato/RVRS:PLAY + Johnny Voltik hooked up the music for an animated compact car commercial for folks in the UK. The spot was a finalist for the British Arrows Craft Award for Best Original Music! Mike the Genius teamed up with SIREN (music house) to create this west coast throwback. JV’s Jewish (ish) alter-ego is

Unemployee of the Month – Cameron T. Moore

Check him out on the Table of Truth & on Mookie Creative. What name do you go by/perform under/etc? I go by "Cam" or my full name "Cameron T. Moore" now. It used to be "Mookie" which was my dancer and DJ name but

One for the Club – My M.O. ‘Paper Chase’ (Massiv G remix)

DJ Massiv G (who helped mix some of My M.O.’s record, Bonfire) drops one for the club to get your 2012 booty shaking on the dance floor. Also check out the lyrics on My M.O.’s website:

We are Aliens at Cameo Gallery Feb 9th

If you are looking for some seriously outside-of-the-box music, you’ll want to be at Cameo Gallery on Thursday evening, Feb 9th 2012! Cam of Geek Chic DJs, My M.O., Little, Big, Johhny Voltik followed by Cosmolingo. Video mixing and projections by VJ Fuzzy Bastard at Cameo Gallery, 93 N. 6th Williamsburg, Bk $6 entry/21+/doors @8pm

News Junkies rejoice: Flipboard for the iPhone is here

Simply put, Flipboard on your iPhone (its been out on the iPad for a while) is the shit. If you are a news/twitter junkie stuck sanding in very long lines like myself, you will use it constantly. The businesses, sites, products and people you follow on twitter essentially become curators of your content. For instance,

New Music Video: Johnny Voltik – “Do You”

Aric Gutnick & Joel Mejia of Things are Changing Media are at it again with a new music video for Johnny Voltik’s killer track “Do You” featuring Erika Buestami of My M.O. (#wearealiens!) The stunningly shot music video tells the story of a search for lost alien love and was a collaborative effort from some of

VibeDeck: music shop + social media tool

I recently discovered Vibedeck, a new tool that is much like bandcamp accept its utilizing the Soundcloud API to connect your account and all your uploaded music. For artists that can’t bear to upload their tracks or create/manage another account on another music website, this is a great time savor as most serious artists use