RAW Artists Philly Showcase April 25th

More info at RAWartists.org Philly visual artists like Lily Amberg, filmmaker, Nicole Agostino, musical guests Dream Circle, Cameron & more will be featured.

The history of dance music

Back when I was 20 I was deep into the underground dance music scene down south, doing events and DJing nonstop. I wrote an article that was published (ie printed, there was no blogging back then) in a small magazine called The File which I randomly came across via this site  (a massive internet archive).

PBS doc, music video screenings + live performances at Freecandy Mar 21st

Support indie film, music and youth development Thursday Mar 21st at FREECANDY Brooklyn. Program line up: 7:30 pm **Singer-songwriter Stephanie Morillo’s jazz/soul infused pop music, inspired by the 1970s ballads her father used to listen to, will be sharing her current recordings for her forthcoming EP to be released later this year. She released her first

SXSW 2013 Party Picks

SXSW 2013 is here again. Most folks from New York are just happy to get a break from the cold weather. With 250,000 people running around (mostly drunk), it can be totally overwhelming. Nevertheless, it’s the place to be in March. Follow @SXSWPartyList for nonstop updates. For those with enough energy to hit all these events after long days

Dream Circle – School of Life Music Video

Check out the Dream Circle official music video for “School of Life” featuring Johnny Voltik. Dream Circle’s next live show is April 4th, in the Lower East Side. More info here. Download the song free here. Shot at the Temple of Bass party at Growing Heart Farm in upstate New York. Special thanks to Mike Genato aka RVRS:PLAY,

Dream Circle – So Many Things (Video Art)

Dream Circle creates spiritualized, world influenced hip hop & electronic music. This video art piece is a collage of sacred symbols and ancient art. So Many Things is on their forthcoming album, “Lost Art”.

Damian Lazarus – Sound of the Mayan Spirit Mix

I meant to post this a while back as we’ve had this mix on repeat since November! Damian Lazarus, the Crosstown Rebels founder famous for his idiosyncratic style and personality, embarks on a groundbreaking new project with Day Zero. On 20th – 21st December 2012 he will stage a festival in stunning Playa del Carmen,

The Mast / Dec 20th at Glasslands

The Mast is a Brooklyn-based duo that combines lush electronic tapestries, velvet vocals, and infectious choruses into futuristic pop songs drawing on early IDM, post-dustep, and experimental music. In their live shows, percussionist and beat maker Matt Kilmer sometimes shifts from computer to drums, spurring vocalist Haale into syllabic vocalizations of a simultaneously primitive and