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Stoked! for Spring Video

Stoked’s after-school program started in 2009 and teaches students how to build their own skateboards from scratch without using power tools. The program teaches youth life skills such as time management, project planning, and teamwork. Youth leave the program with a completed board they can skate and high school credit. Approximately 87% of youth in

RVRS:PLAY plus Johnny Voltik team up

Mike Genato/RVRS:PLAY + Johnny Voltik hooked up the music for an animated compact car commercial for folks in the UK. The spot was a finalist for the British Arrows Craft Award for Best Original Music! Mike the Genius teamed up with SIREN (music house) to create this west coast throwback. JV’s Jewish (ish) alter-ego is

New Music Video: Johnny Voltik – “Do You”

Aric Gutnick & Joel Mejia of Things are Changing Media are at it again with a new music video for Johnny Voltik’s killer track “Do You” featuring Erika Buestami of My M.O. (#wearealiens!) The stunningly shot music video tells the story of a search for lost alien love and was a collaborative effort from some of

My M.O. – “Bonfire Man” music video premiere

The world premiere is on Lost at E Minor an Australian-based art/culture website. My M.O. is also a featured artist on the MTV World Blog with a most excellent write up! “Brooklyn-based synthpop trio My M.O. just has their own way of doing things. In the music video for their dreamy, abstracted song“Monkey” they went in

Samsung Galaxy Tab Ad “For Bands on the Go”

Current TV VCAM (viewer created ad message) featuring music by Unemployable Artist, My M.O. is getting lots of love! “Nicely put together because it is believable – no hype … brilliantly clear message.” See what else they are saying on the Samsung facebook page.

Music to ride to!

Some cool folks out in Austria use our music in their snowboarding videos. Definitely cool by us, as we are riders/fans!!