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Fear is the Worst Feeling

Okay I know this is a harsh Meme to post, but I have a point to this! Why is it that we fear making the next step?  Why do we fear not getting instant gratification?  Whether it be collaborating with new artists, networking with new people, or even working for a new company? Yes, change

Females: It’s Your Day

As a female musician, composer, producer, what have you, I wear many hats in order to get my music out there.  I feel like this is something many women do, no matter the art form. In this case, collaboration is key for females to get their work out, work together on avenues that they are not

Breaking Music

Music cues and music placement can either make it or break it for a television series. The music plays a character along with the actors’ expressions, actions, and dialogues/monologues. One show that I can confidently say created “music” into a character, was Breaking Bad. I think we can all say that a majority of us

Unemployable Music Catalog Call for Submissions

Unemployable Music is looking for new music to add to our catalog. We have licensed tracks for use in Future Car on Discovery Channel, Austrian Reality TV shows & snowboarding videos, a Samsung commercial, BOMB IT / a graffiti documentary & other docs and film projects. In partnership with I NEED VID, a video production

Rest in Peace Michael

It’s the end of an era. Will there ever be another MJ? Afterall its very possible he was an alien from another gallaxy. He started his career at 5, was the first black artist to crossover to the mainstream, made videos that were short films, owned the Beatles catalog, thought he was Peter Pan, had

HandinHand Green Streets in Freeplay Music Library

Freeplay music has put out a volume of our music with great descriptions (such as “impassioned” “exotic”, “simmering and edgy”, and “reflective”).  Much better then just “deep”!


Unemployable Music provides tracks for Bomb It, Jon Reiss’s new film documenting the international street and graf art movement. Screening in a city near you! (Mathematics joint in this trailer)