Turn Your Site into a Radio Station via

Did you ever wake up in the middle of the night with the desire to turn your site into a radio station? Hey, anything is possible on the internet right? Thanks to some geeks in Amsterdam, you can now make this happen via your website feed. For WordPress users its very simple just claim your

Bandcamp’s new HTML 5 music players

Bandcamp’s new music players are finally here! Soundcloud’s HTML 5 players have been out for some time now, and Bandcamp has finally released an embedable player that is almost comparable. Well, not really, but at least its HTML 5 and we can officially say goodbye to Flash, finally. The new players now appear right inside of

CDs may be dead but can still be used as art

Have you taken care of your CD collection over the years? If you are like me, I’ve got CDs all over the place and many are scratched and long gone. How many times a week do I go, damn, I used to have such-in-such album/CD, what the hell happened to it? More recently, however, when

News Junkies rejoice: Flipboard for the iPhone is here

Simply put, Flipboard on your iPhone (its been out on the iPad for a while) is the shit. If you are a news/twitter junkie stuck sanding in very long lines like myself, you will use it constantly. The businesses, sites, products and people you follow on twitter essentially become curators of your content. For instance,

VibeDeck: music shop + social media tool

I recently discovered Vibedeck, a new tool that is much like bandcamp accept its utilizing the Soundcloud API to connect your account and all your uploaded music. For artists that can’t bear to upload their tracks or create/manage another account on another music website, this is a great time savor as most serious artists use

Table of Truth’s music episode

Dion and I chatted with the hysterical dudes over at The Table of Truth about the future of music as well as how making our full length album on our own almost killed us. Spotify gets a little too much love in this clip but the connection is undeniable when you go to your band’s facebook page and

SoundCloud’s new HTML 5 music player

Every once in a while I totally geek out on music sites that use cutting edge interfaces and I just have to say, SoundCloud continues to impress me. The Berlin based website has one of the best interfaces for uploading, sharing and managing music and recently released their HTML 5 music player. Though Bandcamp is