Dream Circle Music Giveaway

Scroll down to Enter to Win 160+ minutes of spiritualized music from Dream Circle’s first album ‘Lost Art’! Look out for Dream Circle’s second LP, ‘Soul Technology’ coming this summer.

MP3 CD includes:

Lost Art LP
1. So Many Things 04:15
2. Original 04:06
3. Dreams 03:19
4. You Remind Me Feat. Stephanie Morillo 04:12
5. The Hurricane 04:40
6. Dark Star 03:20
7. Patience 04:29
8. Space Born 05:21
9. School of Life Feat. Johnny Voltik 03:56
10. The Medicine Man 05:09
11. Sea of Tranquility Feat. Oa 04:34
12. √Čl Duerme 04:21

So Many Things (The Remixes) EP
1. So Many Things (BLUEdream Remix)
2. So Many Things (A-Frillz 4:20 Remix)
3. So Many Things (Doctrations House Remix)
4. So Many Things (Pherixx Remix)
5. So Many Things (Bad Space Monkey Remix)
6. So Many Things (Yves Atom Kline Remix)
7. So Many Things (OP! Remix)
8. So Many Things (Deceiving Sounds D&B Remix)

Lost Art (The Pherixx Remixes)
1) School of Life featuring Los the Light Bearer (Pherixx Remix)
2) Space Born (Pherixx Remix)
3) Dark Star (Pherixx Remix)
4) Original (Pherixx Remix)
5) So Many Things (Pherixx House Remix)
6) The Hurricane (Pherixx Remix)

BONUS: One Love Vol 1 (Dream Circle in the mix) 60 minute DJ MIX