Why is it Important to See Live Shows?

Live shows, they are the bee’s knees. (I think there is a dance move called “the Bee’s Knees”). But why is it important to go?

As a musician, probably the most crucial thing you can do for your career is to attend live performances. You can learn a lot from connecting with other musicians, as well as music.  As Vincent Perretti states in his article “The Importance of Live Shows“, “shows build relationships”, and that is something musicians need to do.  They need to network, connect, talk about the music that is playing, whether the music fits your tastes or not.  Sometimes, having debates about certain musical aspects is healthy, even in a recreational setting.”

Perretti explains how each venue has it’s own niche and culture.  It is facinating how he breaks it down. For example, he discusses how a concert hall is a great place to see live music.  For one, you get reasonably priced tickets.  Also, you get four or five bands for a price of what would be one at an arena. These shows are kind of like a music buffet (one of my favorite music blogs).

The scene in which musicians place themselves does depend on prices, and unfortunately for the arts that includes symphonies, plays and operas, or “the high arts” , not many millennials will attend due to prices, and inconvenient deals.  If musicians do not explore different musical avenues, how will they branch out?  How will they maintain their motivation?

 Live events are vital for a musician’s palate.  Sometimes you need to escape from your bubble and connect with others outside your scene. Concert venues are the best to get oneself into a new scene, but it is up to the musician.  Exploration is key, so push yourself out of your comfort zone and find the nearest concert/ live musical event near you!