Females: It’s Your Day

As a female musician, composer, producer, what have you, I wear many hats in order to get my music out there.  I feel like this is something many women do, no matter the art form.

In this case, collaboration is key for females to get their work out, work together on avenues that they are not familiar with, and continue a community of comfort that all women can trust in for support and growth.  A great example of a collaborative facility is Women’s Studio Workshop, located in Rosendale, New York. Their mission is to provide a space for female artists to create various works of art, hold exhibitions, showcases, film events, etc. For 40 years, these women have offered Artist-in-Residence grants, hold a fledged Summer Art Institute, and offer opportunities for young women artists through through their Internship programs.  It all started in a small cottage, and still remains the same homey style, to welcome new and old artists.

Although their focus is mainly on visual arts, to provide open arms for the performing artists is something remarkable, and also a breath of fresh air!  We should all be facilitating art for each other, helping each other through our journeys, and collaborating in order to provide a niche for females to have a huge voice.

In my Facebook group, Women Artists Unite!, I provided a space for females to connect, share their personal work, as well as other works created by women.  I hope that this group will grow further, and that we can use social media as an important promotional source.

So all genders, support the female movement, because like Peter Gabriel states in “Shaking the Tree”, “it’s your day, a woman’s day”.

Looking for other ways to get involved?

7th Annual Sista-2-Sista Youth Summit / Mar 28-29

The Sista-2-Sista Youth Summit (S2S) is a two-day empowerment summit connecting 200 high school girls of Pan-African descent from underserved areas across NYC with women making a difference in the areas of media, health and wellness, entertainment, education, and personal growth. Participants engage in workshops, live entertainment, and reflective activities. Utilizing a 3 step-process of self-awareness, self-appreciation, and self-actualization the summit equips participants with fundamental tools to make well-informed decisions today and in the future. S2S is held every March during Women’s History Month.

FREE for high school girls / Register Now

Join my group on Facebook, Women Artists Unite!  Share your ideas, art, posts, what have you!

Keep on Listening and Watching!

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