Fear is the Worst Feeling

Okay I know this is a harsh Meme to post, but I have a point to this!

Why is it that we fear making the next step?  Why do we fear not getting instant gratification?  Whether it be collaborating with new artists, networking with new people, or even working for a new company?

Yes, change is scary and art can be too, but it can only be as scary as you want it to be.  If you want to think in a positive light, change can be as exciting as you want to be.

Possibly one of my favorite artist pages to follow is Skinny Artists. The page is full of wonderful self-help tips and advice that many artists have over the course of their creative and/or non creative experiences.  One article that caught my attention was their post on Top 5 fears that can destroy an artist by Drew Kimble.  They focus on self doubt, originality, the fear of one’s artwork being used without their permission, the fear of one’s work not being taken seriously, and the fear of the art not being good enough.  I can honestly say that I have had all of those fears at some point, and some of them at the same time.

Within the past year I have enveloped myself in the world of production and post-production for sound and film.  I took great leaps in becoming a production manager for a web series right out of college, and although I put my foot out onto unfamiliar ground confidently knowing I could do it, my self esteem lessened as I made mistakes, discovered myself in uncharted territories and needing to act faster than what I was used to, and working under deadlines I was unaccustomed to.  I overcame some of these obstacles, but with my fears of not being taken seriously, nor my art not being good enough, I visibly held myself back.

After reading and studying this article, I realized that these fears held me back. but taught me valuable lessons.  I still fall into these traps and I wonder what are good ways to avoid these fears when exploring new territory?  I find that I need to resist the initial urge to be scared.  I try to notice it right away fight it, and say “I can do this”.  Also I try to make pre-planning tasks in small increments, spread them out so they can be completed in a timely manner, and if things get out of hand, handle what is most important.  This is my own opinion, and something I still work on every day.  Having these tools is paramount in a cutthroat environment such as the arts. Most importantly, let it go!  Do not hold onto grudges, but learn from the negative stuff and make something positive out of a bad situation. Easier said than done, I know but its worth reminding yourself that it is possible.

So what do you do to to get noticed in the world of art?  What decisions can you make to connect with others, as well as share your talents, without going over the deep end or creating an aura of conceit?

Share your thoughts!

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