Breaking Music

Music cues and music placement can either make it or break it for a television series. The music plays a character along with the actors’ expressions, actions, and dialogues/monologues. One show that I can confidently say created “music” into a character, was Breaking Bad.

I think we can all say that a majority of us out there have either seen the critically acclaimed show, Breaking Bad, have it saved in their Netflix Queue, or heard enough about it to know how great the show is, and how well it was strategist; from storyline to costume design, and most importantly, sound and music.

As I binged watched this show, I could not help but notice how amazingly well the music stuck with me. I researched songs that played during a pivotal scene to see if the meaning lined up with what Walter White (Bryan Cranston) was going through, and saw that each song did, in fact, play a role in the actions of Walter.

Music Supervisor Thomas Golubić knew what he was doing, and that was to make “Music” play a narration for the show. For example, the scene where Todd (Jesse Plemons) and Walter are cooking together, “Crystal Blue Persuasion” by Tommy John And The Shandells is playing over their cooking montage as well as their progress with income from the drug sales. Golubić also created a Southern movie-style of “the Outlaw” using his music choices, emulating the faults of the characters in the show. The brilliance of music placement in this show has not gone unnoticed. With the nominations piling up, music fanatics like myself are eagerly waiting to see justice brought forth for a brilliantly planned music team. It takes special people to place such amazing music together, and to really put in the research that can make music create a force merging into the storyline so organically and moving. I mean, if you weren’t spooked by Todd’s ringtone of “Lidia” by The Marx Brothers after he was strangled to death, and having Walter pick it up to tell Lidia (Laura Fraser) of her demise, then you really aren’t grasping the dark comedy of this scene. Keep on watching and listening!

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