Turn Your Site into a Radio Station via Shuffler.fm

Did you ever wake up in the middle of the night with the desire to turn your site into a radio station? Hey, anything is possible on the internet right? Thanks to some geeks in Amsterdam, you can now make this happen via your website feed. For WordPress users its very simple just claim your website. Next you plug the code into your footer and viola! (Note: It didn’t seem to validate the feed when I put the code into just a post).

For music lovers, you can play the music web by genre and it shuffles you through their site directory, radio style. The genre and information is powered by Last.fm as well.

Their Open Web Manifesto

Shuffler.fm features curators on blogs and sites that we dig or who have been submitted and added to the Shuffler.fm music network. There are no rules. They pick the music, the words and pictures. It’s totally free reign. We want to introduce our users to sites and blogs that post music that may not be something you’d ever ever discover, anywhere. The Internet is a treasure trove of music goodness. It’s those sites job/hobby to showcase that music. With Shuffler.fm you don’t have to thrawl though thousands of these sites in search for the latest and hottest up and coming bangers, Shuffler does it for you, compiling it easily in magazine form. Available on the web, iPad and iPhone.

Here’s Unemployable Music on Shuffler.fm