News Junkies rejoice: Flipboard for the iPhone is here

Simply put, Flipboard on your iPhone (its been out on the iPad for a while) is the shit. If you are a news/twitter junkie stuck sanding in very long lines like myself, you will use it constantly. The businesses, sites, products and people you follow on twitter essentially become curators of your content. For instance, I follow Brooklyn Vegan, the article they tweeted will display the image nicely cropped and its title overlaying on top. (How they do all this is mind blowing).  When you touch the screen it takes you to the article, and if they have a mobile version of the site, it’s very easy to read (many sites still don’t include mobile version but the iPhone screen res is so high that you can ready teeny tiny font). Rolling Stone, Salon and other big publishers have designed article pages specifically for Flipboard as well so if you also love typography and nice formatting you’ll love reading their articles. Its also great for your social media impact. By retweeting interesting and inspirational music, photos, art, and articles from Flipboard you will gain new followers (I now get 5-6 more new followers per day since getting Flipboard for iPhone) and more importantly kill time productively.

Another interesting fact to note. Flipping through the music topic in Flipboard it became even more obvious what kind of artists get press and coverage. I “flipped” through no less than 10 articles all of which featured white male musicians or bands.