VibeDeck: music shop + social media tool

I recently discovered Vibedeck, a new tool that is much like bandcamp accept its utilizing the Soundcloud API to connect your account and all your uploaded music. For artists that can’t bear to upload their tracks or create/manage another account on another music website, this is a great time savor as most serious artists use Soundcloud to store and share their music, (especially remixes). You can also share your music in exchange for a tweet about the album (not sure if thats a fare deal but great for one song, in this case, I just put half of the songs from our album) and also share for a facebook ‘like’. Having something liked doesn’t go as far as actually having your band page ‘liked’ but I don’t think FB API allows you to do that sort of thing unfortunately. Their embeddable widget could use some work (nothing compares to Soundcloud’s). Overall, the user interface is easy to use and its a rather high quality web based tooled compared to many of the music shops popping up everyday that all pretty much do the same thing. You could technically retire your bandcamp page, and use Vibe Deck instead.

Currently you keep 100% of sales on Vibedeck. Bandcamp just rolled out their profit sharing plan which means they are monetizing. Until the site reaches critical mass, you’ll get to keep all the money, so its good to start using the tool in the early stages of its launch.