SoundCloud’s new HTML 5 music player

Every once in a while I totally geek out on music sites that use cutting edge interfaces and I just have to say, SoundCloud continues to impress me. The Berlin based website has one of the best interfaces for uploading, sharing and managing music and recently released their HTML 5 music player. Though Bandcamp is also my second favorite website (especially for poor musicians, you have to pay like 30 euros for unlimited downloads etc on SoundCloud), Bandcamp’s embedded music player is not nearly as robust and still uses Flash. (The websites have totally different use cases, other than their music players.) Flash is a dying technology thanks to the iPad/iPhone and the fact that HTML 5 is an in-browser standard that completely renders Flash useless anyway. Eventually Bandcamp is going to have to follow suite with their music player, (as any geek would know its super easy to update HTML and NOT easy to update Flash code).

Check out their new music player and embed away!