My M.O. ‘Bonfire’ MTV Iggy Album review

My M.O.’s new genre-bending album gets compared to Peaches/Le Tigre and TLC! Check out the review by Beverly Bryan for MTV Iggy.

“The single “Bonfire Man” is the multi-colored jewel in this princess tiara. It has the tropical sweetness of chillwave but with more traditional pop structure and real girl backbone in it. “Modus Operandi” has the deadpan, electro bad girl come-on of Le Tigre or Peaches. “Love Me Down” is a cool girl love jam that TLC or En Vogue would have killed to get the rights to in the ’90s. (See also: “Paper Chase”) Then “Rock Steady” has this crazy future-dub vibe that makes it another stand out on an album full of them. Basically, My M.O. is every woman all the time.”